*Sponsored by FSD Pharma   Good Morning!  Jeff Bishop here again.   I don’t know about you, but I was having a perfectly fine trading day until Jerome Powell opened his big mouth yesterday afternoon and sent the markets into a tailspin. Thanks a lot J-Pow💥 So many sectors are very dependent on interest rates and […]


*Sponsored by Sica Media   Hey Folks, Jeff Bishop here. After a rough week last week, I started to bang the table 🧑‍⚖️ that a short-term reversal was likely last Friday. It turns out that was right, and we’ve seen some very nice moves in the last few days, just like the 30%+ gain for […]


*Together with GameSquare, see disclosures below   Call me a nerd, but I spend a lot of time on the weekends reading about stocks and looking at price charts. After 20+ years of trading, I know I can’t find hours of time to dig into stocks during weekdays, so the weekend is the most important […]


*Sponsored by Sica Media Hey folks, Jeff Bishop here, and I have to say: I love stocks that are hovering around a dollar. They’re my bread and butter when I’m looking for big upward moves on non-options plays. There’s just something magic about that price range… Magic… or is it? It’s not just because I […]


*Sponsored by Sica Media A smart guy once said, “Sometimes the biggest opportunities lie in the places that other investors aren’t looking… but I am!” That smart guy was me, yesterday! While tech stocks and the broader market shed tears of pain on Tuesday, I was watching a very different story unfold with small momentum […]


*Sponsored by IA Media As I mentioned last night, I am generally bullish on the markets for the next few days at least, and I will be keeping a close eye on Arista Networks (ANET), Novo Nordisk (NOVO), and Samsara (IOT) for moves around 5% this week. But, I think we could see a much […]


*Sponsored by Winning Media As I mentioned last night, there are some unbelievable opportunities in the market right now, especially in the small-cap sector. Just last week, I helped you identify 🔎some stocks that made terrific gains in a very short period of time. Those prices didn’t jump because the company suddenly changed its business […]


*Sponsored by Sica Media I have been pounding the table on the market reversal and that has certainly happened this week. That has led to a phenomenal week of trading, and I am looking to close out Friday strong as I head into the long weekend – I hope you are too! Right now, I […]


* Sponsored by First Hydrogen Corp This Market is Growing at 40% Every Year… Is This the Future of Highways and A.I.? Tap Into Hydrogen’s Unlimited Power Potential First Hydrogen Corp.  FHYD: TSXV | FHYDF: OTC  5 Key Highlights of First Hydrogen (FHYD): Growing Market: Hydrogen is at the center of a new market expanding […]


*Sponsored by IA Media When expert investors talk about undervalued stocks, they aren’t typically talking about TSLA, AAPL or AMZN… They’re talking about low-priced stocks, trading at an even further significant discount, with potentially unlimited upside potential. And I really love low priced stocks with huge breakout potential. 📈 If I am really being honest, […]