After months of testing… refinement… and analysis…

Jeff Bishop is revealing the AI-driven system he has integrated into RagingBull’s most powerful trading technology…

(To date, it has produced more than 265 triple– and even a DOZEN quadruple-digit moves this year)

Jeff Bishop here – and I’m chomping at the bit folks.

For the last 6 months, I’ve been working towards unleashing my most ambitious project ever.

I call it GAMMA.

“GAMMA” is an AI-driven trading program… integrated directly into my most prolific trading system ever.

All told I’ve now alerted more than 265 triple-digit gains in less than a year.

And get this.  At least a DOZEN of those alerts made a move of 1000% or more!

Have you ever had the pleasure of landing a mythical “10-bagger?

I have shown a select group of traders the opportunity to see literally hundreds of trades this year that made moves of 100% or more (sometimes much, much more) 

I want to show you exactly how I’ve implemented this strategy… and how to beef up your own trading skills along the way.

Here’s just a taste of the moves I’ve seen in 2023 from actual AI-driven alerts…

One alert, DPZ, surged 1,800% in 13 days.

Another, TGTX, screamed 1,300% in 12 days.

SOFI blasted out 1,100%.

Then I’ve got CVNA hammering out a 400% gain in 6 days… GS up 500% in 5 days…

Not to mention the 1,700% six-day ripper I alerted on AFRM just last week.

And I have 259 more examples to draw on.

But, the past is the past.

I want you to have a front-row seat for the next year, which I am expecting to be even better than 2023.

The reason is that I am continually refining this system.

November is the perfect example. It was the most successful month the system has recorded to date.

Look at some of the monster moves my GAMMA system just identified…

RACE options up over 1000%    

LEN options up over 1100%      

DUOL options up over 1300%    

COIN options up over 950% 

BA options up over 1000%

This Thursday, I’m going to show you how putting GAMMA in the co-pilot seat has supercharged this strategy.

So now we can analyze faster….

Determine the best moves with more confidence, more accurately…

And put the full power of AI to work for us.

Consider that AI computes data at a rate 125,000-times FASTER than the human brain…

Or that in a recent “joke” test, one AI-controlled portfolio BEAT 10 of the leading investment funds by 6 to 1.

In a 2-year study of 2,133 new funds drawn from the SEC’s database, researchers found that AI-powered funds “significantly outperform human-managed peer funds.”

Or chew on this – the “robot” powered Medallion Fund of Renaissance Technologies would have turned every hundred dollars into $400 million over the course of 31 years.

It’s why they’ve been closed to the public since 1993.

While some people are scared – I’m more excited than I’ve been in years. 

The chance to identify more opportunities… faster…and potentially more consistently has never been better than it is right now with the implementation of AI into the markets.

That’s why I’m taking out all the stops.

By taking my best trading system EVER…. And juicing it up with the custom GAMMA AI-System…

We’ve charted a course for perhaps my boldest year of trading ever.

It’s why I’m targeting no less than 200 MORE TRIPLE- OR QUADRUPLE-DIGIT WINS over the next year.

I repeat: Over the next year, I’m planning to spot nearly TWENTY chances to double my money or better… every month.

But this is the tip of the iceberg.

On Thursday, December 7 at 2PM EST… I’m going LIVE with GAMMA: THE AI TRADING WEALTH REVOLUTION.

And I’m giving you a chance to secure a special $300 gift JUST for RSVPing to this event.

You won’t want to miss it anyway…

I’m explaining precisely what GAMMA is…

Why it’s such a monumental change to my trading…

How AI is transforming the investment landscape completely – and why the people who fail to implement it are going to be left eating dust…

And how you can join me on the most unique journey of my trading career – as I intensify my attacks on the market each and every day.

Remember – I’ve already seen some of my alerts recently gain in excess of 1,100%… 1,30%… even 1,800%… 

Of course, there have been some losses… but even those help make this system more powerful. Each loss is a new, instructive data point, allowing us to fine-tune a system that rapidly adjusts to changing market conditions.

Now, this Thursday, Dec 7th @2pm EST… you are invited to witness the evolution of my trading in a way we’ve NEVER done here at Raging Bull.

And you get to see it happen LIVE.

Plus, you secure the chance to claim a $300 gift just for attending.

But you have to enroll right now. Just fill in the info below and your spot at GAMMA: THE AI TRADING WEALTH REVOLUTION will be secured.

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