Jason Bond Picks Workshop

How To Trade Like a Pro, Not a Hobby - Course Overview

This DVD is divided in multiple categories as show below with the titles.


Oversold Chart Pattern

Continuation Chart Pattern

Breakout Chart Pattern

Don't Chase It, Fibonacci Retracement

1 Hour, $1,600 Profit Shorting A Late Day Fade

The Nuts And Bolts Of Continuation Patterns

Gap Recovery And Go

Fibonacci Retracement Revisted

5 Step Fibonacci Retracement

Gap Recovery And Go Revisited


Scanning For Oversold, Continuation And Breakout Pending Charts

Swing Trade Scanning Made Simple


Level II Tutorial

The Anatomy Of My StockChart

Trading Tips

Swing Trading 101, Accumulate Support And Sell Resistance

Effectively Utilizing Short Interest In Oversold Stocks

The January Effect


Gap Strategy Part I

The June Swoon Got Me

Closing 2013 Strong

A Dime A Day Keeps The Job Away

Short Stocking Supernovas

Pay Yourself, Pay Yourself, Pay Yourself

Don’t Drink The Kool-Aid

How To Buy And Sell In The Pre And Post Market

Short Selling Part I

Show Me A Chart And I’ll Tell You The News

7 Step Swing Trading

Short Selling Part II

Predicting News


Buying With Conviction

Penny Stock Psychology 101

Give A Man A Fish …

I Eat What I Kill And Today I Killed It

Trade Reviews

Oversold WATT

Reviewing LQMT… A $20,000 100% Winner

Capital Preservation; How Failing To Execute My Strategy Resulted In A Big Loss

Banging The 30% Bounce On GLUU For $21,487

Market Timing, Candle Over Candle, Divergence And Profit

Monster Worldwide Bear Flag Divergence

The Best Lesson I’ve Ever Recorded

How To Make $10,000 In 10 Days Swing Trading

Forbes And Mashable Drive LQMT Higher, Here’s How I Made 45%

The Syria War Trade

60% Return Overnight, Here’s How

How To Make $1,000 An Hour

Legal Weed; A HUGE Win To Start 2014

$1,252 Today, Here’s How

Lessons From Shorting Low Float LIVE

How To Profit When Natural Gas Is Overbought

Why Liquidmetal Delivered +57% +$19,640 In 3-Days

Shelf Offering, Form 4 & $4k Profit On NEON

Morning Momentum, Consolidation, Late Day Rally, +10% +$1,400 Profit

Catching A Falling Knife; The Ebola Swing Trade

JNUG +10% +$2,700 In 1-Hour, The Junior Gold Miners Bounce

3 Strikes And You Are OUT

Late Day Momentum Gap Swing Taking 25% Profit Premarket

The Big Fish That Got Away

How To Drive A FORD

Fibonacci Retracement; How I Made $7,300 On 2 Trades In Less Than An Hour

Rinse And Repeat

EXACTLY How To Make +25% +$7,200 In 2 Days

3 Trades And $15,000 On SIEN In 30 Days, Here’s How

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