Is "LOTTOX" with Ethan Harms a Legitimate Service?

What is LottoX? LottoX is a stock trading education service run by RagingBull’s Ethan Harms that focuses solely on 0. D.T.E. (or lotto) Trading.

You’ve heard about it by now, it’s all over the news and social media…0DTE trading has officially gone viral.

A 0 D.T.E. Trade is traditionally defined simply as an options contract that expires on the same day that it’s being traded.

When these contracts have only a day or so remaining before expiration, they’re very cheap.

These cheap contracts give traders the opportunity to control huge amounts of stock… For a VERY short period of time.

A more common nickname for 0DTE contracts is “Lotto Trades”.

There are two main reasons for this.

First, the upside potential. It’s a fact that these types of trades can produce incredible returns in a very short period of time.

Take a look at some of the crazy moves that were alerted during Ethan’s recent Thursday LottoX sessions:

Now, all of the picks in LottoX won’t be 1000% winners of course, and there will be losers along the way too.

The great thing is that Ethan is a master at demonstrating how hitting one triple-digit (or more) trade can easily offset the losses incurred from a losing trade.

Imagine the losses offset by even hitting ONE of these monster moves that have been alerted in his weekly sessions recently?

The OTHER reason why these are referred to as Lotto Trades is that for most traders, the probability of these trades winning is MUCH lower than most other types of trades.

*Keep in mind these massive winners are never a guarantee, and sometimes even I’M surprised at how big those moves are… a lot of these picks are losers.. but not all…these are High Risk/High Reward trades…and in LottoX I SWING FOR THE FENCES!


Every Thursday, at 12:30 ET I go LIVE in my chat room and hunt down the week’s hottest options plays. Some days I have a guest Pro-Trader from RagingBull joining me and others I’m in there solo, but you can always expect to get 4-6 Lotto trade ideas during this session.

You’ll see the trade details right in the chat room Trading Feed like this:

You’ll ALSO get SAME-TIME App Alerts sent right to your phone as I post the trade details in my chat room in case you can’t make the LIVE session.

They look like this:

Notice the Trading Feed & App Alerts were both sent at the same time?

That’s because my Trading Feed is connected to the RagingBull App

As soon as I drop the trade details in the chat room the App Alert gets sent at the same time…..How awesome is that?!

And in case you’re wondering how those trade alerts worked out TSLA moved OVER 400% by the next day:

And the AAPL calls jumped over 332% by the next day:

Okay, enough of what you missed and what we’ve been doing in the LottoX Live chat room recently…nobody wants to hear what they coulda/shoulda done. 

They want to know “what can you do for me now?”

What I can do for you now is give you my next 4-6 0.D.T.E./Lotto plays this and EVERY Thursday at 12:30 ET


Did I mention EVERY Friday during the last hour of the trading week I do another LIVE session for O.H.T.E. trades?

These are the same type of trades except they expire within the hour….

I call that POWER HOUR from 3-4pm ET……

That’s TWO LIVE LOTTO sessions every week!

The next session is coming up VERY soon, and I. Can’t. Wait!

Don’t sit on the sidelines any longer! Access to my LottoX service is typically sold for $799 per year, but you can unlock a much lower price by using the link below.

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