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I’m Jeff Williams, stock trader and educator at Raging Bull.

I’ve been trading the markets for more than 20 years, but over the past year, I’ve been refining a simple, yet remarkably consistent strategy to attack the markets every single trading day.

But I haven’t done it alone, cloistered in my office…

I’ve done it in front of thousands of subscribers — hundreds of real people who join me in a proprietary trading channel every trading day…

Watching and learning from my own real-money trades, day in and day out, as I refine this pivotal strategy and hone my expertise.

The incredible results I’ve had speak for themselves…

Since January alone, I’ve placed over 280 trades, scoring a win rate over 76% and pocketing an average of $2,700 in profits every month (and that’s after accounting for losses, which of course do happen).

Subscribers have watched me achieve this with complete transparency: I’ve sent them my precise moves ahead of every entry and every exit.

I’ve also been clear that not all of these trades go my way. But even when a trade doesn’t perform the way I’d like, I use it to refine my strategy. Even a loss is an opportunity to improve and grow as a trader.

And the reviews are in:

But now, I’m kicking things up to the next level…

On Thursday, August 10 at 1 PM EST, I’ll be hosting the Morning Bull Summit to reveal not only what I’ve done —

I’m also revealing the “Morning Bull” trades I’m adding to my arsenal — trades that zero in on key indicators as I hop on the bulls and take them for a ride.

Most importantly, I’ll show you how you can follow me along on this incredible journey.

It all goes down this Thursday, and you’re invited!

All you have to do is enter your email in the form below, mark your calendar, and look out for your exclusive viewing link on the day of the event.

What: Jeff Williams’ Morning Bull Summit
When: Thursday, August 10th @ 1 PM EST
Where: LIVE Online Event

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