A Live Case Study

In his most ambitious project ever, one elite trader is initiating a live-action case study to demonstrate the potential power of his unique “Alpha Pulse System.” (800) 380-7072
62 Calef Hwy. #233 Lee, NH 03861

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Are you really going to walk away from one of Jeff’s most ambitious missions in his 20+ years of trading?

During this presentation, he’s pulling back the curtain to reveal every detail behind the “Alpha Pulse” strategy that he believes has been key to his success in this market —

A web of indicators and triggers that have served him so well that he’s been teaching his own son how to harness them and jumpstart his trading career.

And how he plans to use it in a live-action case study that will demonstrate how Jeff will attempt to identify $120,000 in winning trades over the next 12 months…

This is the type of opportunity that presents itself once in
a generation. It’s crucial that you have all of the details - so if you have any questions, don’t hesitate to call my team at:


This could be your chance to capture HUNDREDS of trades over the next year…

Don’t waste it —

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-Stephen Addis,
Client Care Management, RagingBull