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A Live Case Study

The Mission: Execute $120,000 in Successful Trades over 12 months

Folks, it’s my pleasure to announce that, at 2pm EST on July 11th, I’m going live with Emmy Award-winning journalist Seth Allen to announce one of the most ambitious undertakings in the history of Raging Bull.

I’m coming out of the first half of 2023 with an 82% win rate and over $40,000 in successful trades…

All while the longest bear market in 50 years… the near-unraveling of the banking system… and technologies like AI have threatened  to shatter the foundations of the global economy. 


And I did it while leveraging a unique phenomenon I’ve dubbed the “Alpha Pulse”

Here’s my favorite thing about this strategy:

Throughout 2023, for example, I’ve been able to open positions capable of delivering 67%, 84%,even 100% in a matter of days while mitigating all of my risk on the front end.

Now, don’t get me wrong. If these trades go sideways – and sometimes they do – then I can still lose money on the backend (and I have).

But losses are a fact of life in trading.

Over the course of my 20+ years in the market, I’ve learned to work around them, and structure my trades so that the occasional red line doesn’t put my whole account at risk:

*trading is hard, results not guaranteed

And now, during the Six Figure Summit, I’m pulling back the curtain to reveal every detail behind the “Alpha Pulse” strategy that I believe has been key to my success in this market —

A web of indicators and triggers that have served me so well that I’ve been teaching my own son how to harness them and jumpstart his trading career. 

At 2PM EST on July 11th, you’re going to discover:

  • ALL of the key details behind my Alpha Pulse system
  • How I’m using this collection of indicators to isolate premium trade opportunities
  • How I’m transferring all of my risk from the front end of the trade to the back end
  • How I manage these trades once they’re open
  • How I’m collecting these payouts every 7 days on average


And most importantly, you’re getting the opportunity to follow along and learn from me as I attempt to harness these tools to target $10,000 per month over the next 12 months.

Now, I can’t guarantee that I’m going to pull it off — 

The market can be unpredictable, but I believe with the skills I’ve acquired over decades of trading… condensed into my cohesive “Alpha Pulse” system…

But it’s about the journey, not the destination. 

I’m confident that I can reach my goal with the correct strategy and timing, but the lessons that we learn along the way are going to be potentially even more valuable than the end goal. 

The details that I’m going to share with you during the Six-Figure Summit could be the biggest breakthrough for traders who want to take their skills to the next level…

I believe this event is so monumental, so critical for traders across the board that I’m making your attendance completely free.

All you have to do to take part in this live case study is fill in the boxes below to RSVP, and you’re all set.

But, I have to warn you — 

At midnight on July 10th, this page is going offline, and once that deadline hits…

Your invitation is forfeit.

You won’t get your special access link, and you’re going to miss all of the crucial strategies and proprietary techniques that I’m using to target my personal goal of seeing $120,000 in trading success over the next year. 

Don’t let that happen.

What: Jeff Bishop’s Six Figure Summit
When: July 11th @ 2PM EST
Where: Jeff’s Encrypted Trading Channel
Cost: FREE until July 10th

Fill in the boxes below to RSVP before your invitation expires at midnight on July 10th. (800) 380-7072
62 Calef Hwy. #233 Lee, NH 03861

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