Reservation Confirmed:

Strike Raider Master Class July 25th at 2PM EST

Congratulations… and buckle up —

Because you’re in for a wild ride on Tuesday.

When I go live at 2pm EST on July 25th, you’re going to discover how a few tweaks to the system that’s seen me secure a 1,174% return since April…

Could unlock opportunities to witness gains as high as 200% or 300%, without sacrificing the downside safeguards we use to protect our bottom line.

Now, there’s no guaranteeing that every Strike Raid play will pan out…

But I believe this strategy is a key weapon that all serious traders should have in their trading arsenal —

And I don’t want you to miss a single detail. 

Which is why it’s critical that you take a moment, right now, and set a reminder for

Tuesday, July 25th @ 2pm EST

This is going to be HUGE, and I can’t wait to see you all in the room! 

Jason Bond’s Strike Raider Master Class begins at 2pm EST on Tuesday, July 25th

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