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Alright ladies and gentlemen, 

If you’ve been following my Small Account Journey, you know it’s been a huge few months on my end —

Since April 24th, I’ve:

  • Traded my way from $2,000 to $25,471…(1,174% return)
  • Closed out 58 winning trades…
  • Achieved a 96% win rate as of now


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While that’s all been incredibly exciting…

I want to turn up the heat.

What do I mean by that?

Well, with our existing strategy, our returns are capped at 100% on each trade.

That’s certainly not the worst problem to have… 

And while I’ve been enjoying dozens of 25%-50% wins flashing across my screen at an average of around 2-3 per week —

I want more. 

I want to experience the sort of trades that send your heart racing, the ones that make you feel like a Wall Street commando as you zero in on your mission…

Strike your target…

And extract your capital —

As soon as possible. 

By making a few tweaks to the strategy we’ve been looking at for the last few months – the same strategy that has me clocking in with a 96% win rate – it’s possible.

Now, I’m not saying every trade will play out that well —

Nothing in the market comes without risk, and it’s entirely possible to close these trades out for less than 100%, or lose money —

But by having this hit-and-run “Strike Raid” strategy in our toolbox, we’re opening the door to a whole new level of trading as we crank our profit cap to 200% or even 300%.

While keeping the key “downside safeguard” principles of our Small Account Journey style intact.

A 1pm EST on Thursday, July 27th, I’m going to show you exactly how I execute these operations —

Consider it a free trading bootcamp.

During this live training session, I’m giving you a hands-on crash course in the exact methodology I use to conduct these Strike Raids…

Including my favorite targets… how I’m structuring my trades to upsize my profit potential while continuing to minimize my risk…

And ultimately, how I pinpoint my exact moment to strike. 

You’re getting complimentary access to this live training event —

But only if you RSVP before midnight on Monday, July 26th.

All you have to do to secure your seat is fill in the boxes below.

What: Jason Bond’s Strike Raider Master Class
When: July 27th @ 1PM EST
Where: Jason’s Private Trading Channel
Cost: No Cost Until July 26

Fill in the boxes below to RSVP before your invitation expires at midnight on July 24th.

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