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$2999/yr value

Terminator Trades MAX is Ben's most costly, most sought-after education service, providing access to each of the tools and resources that Ben finds most valuable to his trading. (Use the collapsible menu below to learn more about this expansive service.)

  • BOTH of Ben’s Interactive Smart-Money Scanners, all day, every trading day
  • Ben’s SKYNET Dynamic Watchlist
  • Alerts via the RagingBull App
  • The RESISTANCE Video Training Camp
  • TT MAX MEMBERS:  ACTIONABLE INTELLIGENCE ALERTS when Ben sees something on the scanners that he thinks members need to know about
  • TT MAX MEMBERS:  Access to the LIVE LOADOUT ROOM, where Ben sets up live smart-money trades.

Ben teams up with lotto-legend Ethan Harms to hunt down the hottest overnight options plays of the week, every single Thursday afternoon – LIVE with his members. LottoX members learn how to use various options strategies, and apply them to different setups, objectives and trading personalities.

  • The Weekly “Live-Lotto” Session with Ben and Ethan
  • 6-8 “0DTE” Lotto Trade Ideas, via Email & the RagingBull App
  • All-day access to the interactive LottoX Squeeze Scanner, which helps spot stocks that could be getting ready to fire – Long or Short
  •  Complete Lotto X training series
  • And with “Ultimate”, Ethan’s back with members every Friday for “0 Hour to Expiration” max-volatility live trading for a FULL HOUR!

$1499/yr value

$1999/yr value

At 3pm every trading day, Ben joins his members live in the Mobile Closer room to check out his highest conviction overnight gap play, typically on large cap stocks. He also reviews the options contract(s) he’s eyeing, and sends his members an email the following morning with a full breakdown of his daily plan for the Mobile Closer trade.

  • Daily 3pm live mobile closer session
  • Real time trade alerts
  • Alerts via the RagingBull App
  • Morning plan email that breaks down exactly how Benis looking to manage the trade based on overnight price action
  • Complete Mobile Closer Training Series
  • Bonus:  Ben’s Trade Review Template=to guide you through critically examining each of your own trades, and finding hot to optimize the next one

The Workshop is Ben’s daily live trading chat room, open every trading day, where Ben is live on camera most days for over an hour. Plus, Workshop members get access to his various moderators who are live throughout the week.

  • LIVE DAILY ACCESS to Ben Sturgill
  • Real-time trade ideas from Ben and his moderators in the chat
  • Live training sessions
  • High-frequency updates on trades and positions from each of Ben’s services and watchlists
  • Bonus:  Ben’s “So you want to be a trader” Introduction to trading series
$2364/yr value


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