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You officially locked in your seat at the table for Tech Reckoning ‘23.

When we go live in a few short days, you’ll be discovering all of the details behind the tech sector – and possibly the market’s – most historic reshuffling in the last 20 years.

(We haven’t seen ANYTHING like this since the dotcom bubble burst back in 2000)

Right now, the aftershocks of Silicon Valley Bank’s collapse… and the unraveling of critical institutions like NY Signature and Credit Suisse…

Is setting the stage for the tech sector’s near-TOTAL collapse —

Ultimately wiping out $6 Trillion of investor capital, and completely wiping out millions of investors…

While positioning a few key companies – Silicon Valley’s “New Generals” – to seize the throne of the defeated FAANG stocks… and create HUNDREDS of opportunities for smart investors to secure triple-digit wins amid the chaos. 

It all boils down to one Gamma Trigger that all of these trade setups are sharing…

And I’ll be revealing precisely how I plan to harness it over the next 12 months to leverage this crisis for a shot at potentially mind-boggling profits. 

What: Tech Reckoning ‘23

When: MAY 4th @ 8PM EST

But if investors are going to capture their share of this jackpot…

Timing is of the essence. 

To be sure you hit the ground running the moment you join me for Tech Reckoning ‘23…

I’ll be sending you daily video briefings to give you a bird’s eye view of the situation, preparing you to apply the concepts we’re going to go over as soon as we start the session.

So keep a close eye on your inbox.

I’ll see you at the event! (800) 380-7072
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