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With all the chaos unfolding in the Middle East, and the presidential race heating up, the news cycle is getting loud đź“Ł.

The same uncertainty that was there during COVID and the riots that followed makes it feel like fear is really back.

That means emotion is governing the markets. Sober assessments of P/E ratios, balance sheets, and corporate governance are still relevant, but are taking a back seat.

At times like these, it makes sense to narrow our focus…

We don’t want to be going long on positions that leave us exposed to geopolitical winds we can’t possibly predict.

That’s why last week I sent you two “Bright Ideas 💡” that I felt had imminent potential. One of them has traded essentially sideways (I think it’s still just gathering steam)… but the other…

It rocketed 🚀33% within two days of my alert:

I had followed both companies for a while, but as I explained last week, my decision to alert them leaned heavily on the “go/no go” algorithm — a computer-generated indicator that distills over a dozen different momentum indicators to make a best prediction of where a stock is going.

I pointed out that a major green light I look for is “multiple, conflicting go/no-go markers along the trendline just before the chart [legs] up. These mixed signals are a classic indicator I’ve seen play out countless times before reversals.”

Well, folks, yesterday as I was surveying some of my favorite small caps, I came across one that’s flashing green so clearly I knew I had to bring it to your attention…Right now, the only stock you need to have eyes on 👀 is:

Avalon GloboCare Corp (Nasdaq: ALBT)

Have a look at this:

Drawdown ✅… flatline ✅… mixed go/no go signals ✅✅✅✅✅✅…

This is looking like a picture-perfect setup for a reversal.

And take a look at the left side of the chart. Right there, you can see a cluster of mixed go/no go’s that preceded a 35% rally… and that was just a few weeks ago.

Yahoo! is also confirming things. Flashing green lights in the short- and medium-term:

Digging in further, there I found other reasons for excitement…

Key asset is making “rapid progress toward commercialization”

At its core, ALBT is a medical diagnostics company. This includes in-person testing facilities for drug testing, clinical screening, COVID testing, and so on…

But it also includes a cool system the company is looking to bring to people’s homes. 

KetoAir™ is an FDA-registered breathalyzer that monitors ketone levels by quantifying the amount of acetone in the breath.

If you aren’t familiar with ketones, they’re acids your body makes when it burns fat instead of sugar for energy…

Back in my day, low-fat diets were all the rage, but the trendy thing over the past decade or so has been low-carb dieting.

When carbs are cut down very low, the body enters “ketosis” and ketone levels go way up.

But for those practicing “ketogenic” dieting, knowing whether you’re in ketosis or not is pretty much a guessing game. Serious adherents can use “keto strips” to do at-home urinalysis, but for obvious reasons, that’s unappealing, and the results aren’t very clear.

Enter KetoAir™, which allows quick (and sanitary!) ketone readings delivered straight to your smartphone, followed by customized recommendations by an artificial intelligence (AI) nutritionist.

The big news out this month is that the KetoAir™ app is now approved on the Apple App store (it was already on the Google Play store).

The company said back in July that it was making “rapid progress towards commercialization of the KetoAir™ breathalyzer device and related accessories” and that it was “evaluating options for commercialization, including identifying distribution partners or distributing KetoAir™ ourselves.”

The App store news tells me the company is getting closer to achieving this goal.

ALBT only just acquired the distribution rights to KetoAir™ this year, and has its sights set not only on North America, but South America, the United Kingdom, and the European Union as well.

This is a very promising system, and once it starts rolling off assembly lines and into dieters’ hungry hands, it should generate major revenue for ALBT.

New acquisitions

Also earlier this year, ALBT acquired a 40% stake in Laboratory Services MSO (“LSM”), a lab based in Costa Mesa, California, that brought in $14 million in revenue and $6 million in net income in 2022.

But here is the interesting part that not many traders know about. Just last month, LSM acquired Merlin Medical Supply, a “profitable, well-established Home Medical Equipment (“HME”) and Durable Medical Equipment (“DME”) company … in Ventura County, California.”

LSM also acquired a company called Leading Edge Innovations from the same owner as MMS. The importance? “Leading Edge Innovations owns the GeeWhiz External Condom Catheter, a patented, FDA-registered, in-market, male incontinence device.”

For the sake of you, dear reader, I researched GeeWhiz (so you don’t have to!) and was able to find it easily at many medical supply stores online. It even has a Facebook page!

Two months ago, LSM announced its expansion to Arizona, with a new lab called Veritas Laboratories opening in Scottsdale. 

I was intrigued to learn that the company had engaged former congressman Barry M. Goldwater, Jr. (the son of the famous presidential nominee) to help expand its footprint in Arizona.

“LSM continues to grow its testing footprint nationwide by expanding to new states and territories,” the ALBT CEO said in a statement.

By expanding its ownership of diagnostics centers, ALBT is shoring up more reliable revenue streams even as it works toward getting KetoAir™ to market…

I like this diversified approach because it blends higher-risk pursuits with lower-risk sources of revenue. I think this bodes well for the company’s future bottom line.

Wrapping up

ALBT is worth your attention right now as a “bottom-bounce play.”

For the past three weeks, the stock has traded sideways — indicating a strong floor of resistance — and the go/no go algorithm is signaling a breakout like we saw on last week’s idea could be imminent.

There are a number of more “fundamental” factors that could add fuel to the breakout, and I like the moves the company is making to expand its revenue streams.

At the very least, I think ALBT merits your attention right now. Just like I said for last week’s idea before it popped 33%, “This is an opportunity that might be gone before you know it.”

Emotion is ruling the day in the markets, yes, but it’s up to us to do our due diligence on these targeted opportunities. Scour the company’s website, study its chart, and decide if ALBT is something that fits your risk appetite.

In the meantime, I’ll keep hunting for small-cap opportunities and hopefully be in touch soon with more choice cuts.

To Your Success,

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