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As I mentioned last night, there are some unbelievable opportunities in the market right now, especially in the small-cap sector.

Just last week, I helped you identify 🔎some stocks that made terrific gains in a very short period of time.

Those prices didn’t jump because the company suddenly changed its business model or developed a cure for some disease.

Rather, they rallied because they were selling at such depressed levels that it was literally stupid for them to stay there much longer.

Today, I have another idea that I think is “stupid” to see it trading where it is right now, and sometimes you just gotta say – enough is enough.

If you care at all about small stocks forgotten in the “bargain basement,” then you need to look this one up immediately:

Avalon GloboCare Corp (Nasdaq: ALBT)

Top of the list should be the fact that just this morning, ALBT announced a key patent filed with one of the most prestigious universities in the world – Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT).

If you have been following the ABLT story like I have, you know this is going to have considerable implications for the company.

This patented technology could be a huge upside driver for ALBT as they grow their lab testing services.

But why else should you care about a little stock trading for under $1 right now?

Great question.  

For starters, consider that ALBT traded over 75% higher than its current price just a few weeks ago.

Has anything materially changed about the company since then to cause this decline?  

The only news I see is about the company expanding its services into new states and the launch of a new product. 

ALBT announced its earnings on August 14th, and the stock shot up in the days following.  Then, on super light volume, the stock drifted lower once again.

If you ask me, this makes no sense at all.  It reminds me of the typical market maker games that get played in the doldrums of summer when all the buyers are on vacation.

Get this…  

Right now, ALBT is sporting a measly market cap of around $10M (according to Yahoo!), yet over the last few months, it has developed into a premier genetic testing lab that generated $14.7M in sales in 2022 with $8M in gross profit!

Does that sound like a value play to you?! 

Stop and ask yourself if you think a stock with those kinds of metrics is likely to head higher or lower from here?  🤔

I don’t think you need to be a stock analyst to know the answer to that!

Look at some of these stats I pulled directly from ALBT’s recent investor presentation from a few weeks ago:

ALBT also laid out goals to accelerate precision diagnostics related to better, safer future development of genetic-based testing, large-scale lab testing related to immune system functionality, pharmacogenomics, toxicology monitoring and immune wellness maintenance.

ALBT also divulged a staggering 56% insider ownership of the stock!

You really can’t ask for much more confidence from insiders who know the company best than ownership like that.

A big wild card for ALBT right now is the recent announcement of their partnership for the “KetoAir device”. 

This device was just announced, and we don’t have official sales numbers yet.

ALBT said they partnered with Qi Diagnostics to exclusively distribute the KetoAir in North America, South America, the U.K., and the EU.

KetoAir is the first breathalyzer on the market that uses an AI nutritionist bundled with the nanosensor-based breathalyzer for ketogenic health management. The KetoAir breathalyzer measures the keto status and logs the diet records in the KetoAir app. At the same time, the AI nutritionist analyzes the dietary plan and acts as a companion consultant by providing personalized nutritional and exercise recommendations to help achieve the person’s ultimate health goal.

It’s a pretty fascinating development if you ask me and could provide more great upside if they are successful in selling this.

ALBT also just updated investors on their plans moving forward.  

They said, “Our goal is to take advantage of a unique roll-up opportunity within the highly fragmented market for laboratory testing and services. By targeting laboratories with strong financial track records and niche-market advantages, we believe we can effectively leverage LSM’s experience and infrastructure to achieve significant synergies with respect to revenue growth and market share.”

I love companies with a “roll-up strategy.”  

This is where you find a sector that has a lot of small competitors, and you acquire them to build a much larger company that trades at a significant premium to where the individual companies would trade.

When you buy private companies and roll them up into a publicly traded stock, it just makes sense that the stock would trade at a much higher multiple than what they acquired.  

At the end of the day, I love the acquisition model that ALBT is pursuing.  I think the new products they have introduced have strong market potential.  Even if they fumble the ball a little on their rollout, the stock just makes no sense to me at these prices, and best-case scenario, we could see a home run from here ⚾.

I really encourage you to take some time today and do your own homework on this stock and see if it makes sense for you. No matter what you do, always make sure you make trades where you have a good game plan and understand the risks involved.  Everything in life and trading is risky, so make sure you know what you are getting yourself into before you ever decide to buy anything.

ALBT is a commercial-stage company dedicated to developing and delivering innovative, transformative, precision diagnostics and clinical laboratory services. Avalon is establishing a leading role in the innovation of diagnostic testing, utilizing proprietary technology to deliver precise, genetics-driven results.   The Company also provides laboratory services, offering a broad portfolio of diagnostic tests, including drug testing, toxicology, and a broad array of test services, from general bloodwork to anatomic pathology, and urine toxicology.   For more information about Avalon GloboCare, please visit their investor page.

Have a great day, and I will follow up with you on this idea very soon!

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