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Good morning!

Last week was an incredible week of trading, and I have a lot planned out for this week as well… so let’s get to it!

I am not a huge fan of the overall market as I get started today. Most of the big stocks I follow are starting to trade under the 20-hour moving average.

This isn’t terrible, but it signals a likely pause for many large-cap tech stocks right now.

No worries at all.  Markets like these are ideal for traders to look at small-cap stocks that have good potential.

Just look at three of the ideas I shared with you last week that went on to move 12%, 25%, or even 50% within hours of talking about them with you.

Today, I have another great idea I think we can soon add to this list.

Right now, pull up Rail Vision (RVSN) on your platform, and let’s discuss it.

You might remember when I brought this one to your attention a while ago.

RVSN surged over 2000% over a few days in January this year.

It was absolutely nuts!

That was one of the biggest moves any stock has made this year (or ever!).

Traders have been patiently waiting to see if there might be an encore to that incredible move.

While I don’t think we are going to see a move like that again anytime soon, I certainly think another move for RVSN could be right around the corner.

The reason is what usually happens when a stock comes out of a “basing pattern.”

There is a popular saying on Wall Street, “The longer the base, the higher the space.” 

You won’t find many longer bases than the last two months for RVSN, as it has been flirting with $1…

All the stock needs at this point is a catalyst to kick it off (one way or the other.)

For levels on this, I think it is very important to watch the $.85 mark, which is the new low the stock set recently.  If that is broken, I would say this setup has no interest to me.

On the other hand, if we can see RVSN solidly build above $1.06 (which is the 20-day moving average, as you can see in the chart above), I think that could create the momentum it needs for at least a short-term pop higher.

While I can never suggest what you should do in trading, all I am looking for here is a quick move that might bring around 10%, which would be a great way to start the week.

Until RVSN can manage to trade above the 20-day level for at least a full week, I am not going to bet on a long-term trend change.

The potential here is huge right now!

There are a lot of reasons to like RVSN at this level, so I suggest you put it on your list and start digging into it right now.

It is definitely one of the more interesting companies you will come across.

Rail Vision Ltd (RVSN) designs and manufactures advanced vision sensors for the railway industry that use big data, AI, and Deep Learning.

Founded in 2016, based in Raanana, Israel, and with more than 60 employees, the company’s two main products are MainLine and ShuntingYard.

MainLine provides an extended visual range of over a mile, combining cameras with wide and narrow fields of view with a thermal camera that can work in any weather and light conditions.

The system detects possible threats, classifies them, then notifies train operators in real-time with both visual and audible alerts.

ShuntingYard is similar but with a special focus on the coupling process, including a dedicated camera that covers all angles of the process.

The company has had a steady stream of great news recently…

In November, RVSN announced a $500,000 purchase order from a leading Latin American mining company.

In January, it solidified a contract with a leading US-based rail and leasing services company, the first phase of which is valued at $1,000,000, with follow-on orders for additional systems valued at up to $4,000,000, subject to customer approval. 

In February, the company announced the first-ever installation of its systems in a national railways line, Israel Railways. The purchase of 10 of RSVN’s MainLine systems is valued at $1.4 million.

Rail Vision CEO Shahar Hania commented that, “This milestone follows a thorough examination of our innovative technology. Israel Railways expects a substantial enhancement in travel safety, benefiting rail passengers and enhancing the safety of other road users through the utilization of Rail Vision’s advanced safety solutions.”

Then in March, the company revealed an order from one of the largest freight rail companies in the U.S. to use an RSVN system for “evaluation and testing different scenarios related to safety.”

In April, RSVN announced an order for its AI-driven Switch Yard System from Loram, a US-based provider of railway track maintenance equipment and services.

Loram will be putting the system through its paces as a pilot program that could result in further collaboration if it proves successful.

German titan Knorr-Bremse is a strategic investor in RVSN to the tune of $25 million. The company is a leading manufacturer of train parts and RVSN says the relationship “provides access to a global customer list.”

And indeed, in a January interview, CEO Shahar Hania said the company is in “advanced stages of discussions and pilot programs with several European railway operators.”

Spend time right now doing your own research on the stock, and of course, always approach your trading in a responsible manner. Trading is very risky, and nothing is ever guaranteed, so never trade with more than you can afford to lose. Please read the full disclaimer at the bottom of this email as well so you are aware of additional risks and considerations. Always have a well-thought-out game plan that takes your personal risk tolerance into consideration.

Bottom line: Sometimes, quiet stocks can break out with a vengeance after a long period of calm.  Just look at RVSN a few months ago when it made that epic 2000% surge higher.

RVSN has all of the pieces for what could be a quick move to start the week.

Make sure you are watching RVSN even before the market opens today.

To Your Success,

Jeff Bishop

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