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Even though the market traded very sloppy yesterday, my new idea put up very good numbers, closing the day up nearly 10% and even hitting 15% higher at one point during the day.

Not a bad day at all for a stock that trades over $3.

I don’t think that is even close to being done yet, so make sure you keep your eye on it.

Today, I want to share with you what I’ll call a “special situation” idea.

Pull up Interactive Strength (TRNR) on your platform now, and let’s look into it.

TRNR is a fast-growing fitness equipment company, that enables users to access personalized training programs right from the comfort of their homes.

It’s a great idea for most of us who hate going to the gym, right?

Much like Peloton, TRNR has been abandoned by the market since Covid fears have subsided and people have enjoyed getting out of the house again.

I think this is an overblown concern, though. Many people (myself included) would rather have at-home workouts than hit gyms full of sweaty strangers.

The market for that consumer sure seems to be pretty big still, if you ask me.

Now, here’s what really got my attention on TRNR this week.

On Monday, I started to see the stock rise from $1.10 to over $1.30 during the day, for nearly 20%.

That kind of move always gets my attention, so I kept watching it.

Then, yesterday in the pre-market trading, I saw TRNR go absolutely bonkers!

The stock went from $1.30 to nearly $2 on incredible trading volume.

I don’t know what happened, but it was blowing up the scanners for all of the active traders in chat rooms yesterday.

But then it did something weird again… after it hit $2, the stock dropped all the way back to $.90, which is where it is this morning.

That is why I am calling this a “special situation” idea right now.

TRNR doesn’t fit cleanly into any nice technical trading alert I would normally look for.

Instead, this is like a wild bucking bronco.

If you get on for a ride, you might end up with a few bumps and bruises… or it might end up winning you the rodeo!

From this level under $1 right now, I really don’t know how much more downside it has in the short-term.

On the upside possibility, you be the judge.

Consider that the stock nearly touched $2 (or over 100% higher from here) just a day ago.

That is an incredible trading range, and it certainly interests me right now.

I think it is a great idea to start watching TRNR right away and see if there is another big move coming soon.

As you research this idea today, here are some points I found to help you get started…

Interactive Strength Inc. (TRNR) is a company that produces specialty fitness equipment and digital fitness services under two main brands: FORME and CLMBR.

By now, most people have heard of at-home “smart” fitness brands such as Peloton, Tonal, and Mirror, and TRNR is a relative newcomer in this space that’s come out with some genuinely impressive equipment and services.

I’ll start with the FORME side of things since the company acquired CLMBR only in February (more on that in a minute).

FORME combines truly premium smart gym equipment with live virtual personal training and coaching.

Its base product is FORME Studio, which is a life-like, reflective 43” 4K touchscreen display that gives access to hundreds of on-demand classes.

The “reflective” part is important because it allows users to watch their form even as they view the class.

You can check out the full sales page (where you can buy one for $2,495) on the TRNR website here.

FORME Lift adds resistance to the workouts, with up to 100 lbs adjustable weight per arm that even adjusts automatically during classes.

The full sales page for FORME Lift is here (where it can be bought for $6,495), and there’s a cool, brief promo video for it here.

One awesome feature of FORME equipment is it enables truly personal training.

The company offers personal training memberships at $149/month that include custom workouts designed by a user’s trainer, demo videos to show proper form, and regular communication from the trainer to keep users motivated and accountable.

Beyond that, users can purchase live, 1-on-1 training sessions for $63/session.

There’s a great video covering FORME personal training here.

FORME also offers special golf-focused training with Titleist Performance Institute (TPI) certified personal trainers (more on that here).

FORME equipment has racked up a number of impressive awards, including:

In February, TRNR acquired CLMBR, Inc., the maker of “the first vertical climbing machine to feature a large-format touch display with on-demand, instructor-led classes.” 

(Here’s a brief promo video of CLMBR equipment in action and here is the company’s slick website.)

Clearly, CLMBR was a good fit for TRNR’s existing business.

According to the acquisition announcement, “The combined business is anticipated to generate between $15 million and $20 million in revenue in 2024.”

Later in February, TRNR entered an agreement with WOODWAY USA Inc. to sell and distribute the CLMBR product.

As part of the agreement, WOODWAY placed an initial purchase order of 2,150 units, which is expected to generate more than $7 million in net revenue for TRNR.

WOODWAY’s director of sales said CLMBR’s future looks bright, noting that “we are seeing CLMBR taking the place of stair-steppers and elliptical machines on gym floors, and on the other hand, we are seeing leading gym chains replace spin bikes with CLMBR machines in group fitness rooms.”

TRNR is still a young company, but co-founder and CEO Trend Ward said on April 26 that “We expect to be approaching profitability as early as the fourth quarter of this year based on the performance of the CLMBR business that we acquired in February.”

Spend time right now doing your own research on the stock, and of course, always approach your trading in a responsible manner. Trading is very risky, and nothing is ever guaranteed, so never trade with more than you can afford to lose. Please read the full disclaimer at the bottom of this email as well so you are aware of additional risks and considerations. Always have a well-thought-out game plan that takes your personal risk tolerance into consideration.

Bottom line:  This is a very high-risk, potentially high-reward opportunity right now. If you like stocks that have extreme volatility (like I do!), then TRNR is certainly a stock that you should be looking at right now.

To Your Success,

Jeff Bishop

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