*Sponsored by Sica Media, see disclosures below   Inspire Veterinary Partners (NASDAQ: IVP) is Lighting Up  Trader’s Screens This Morning   IVP is a small veterinary practice rollup company that went public with an IPO a few months ago. Since then, the stock has been mainly overlooked by Wall Street and drifted to around $.13 […]


*Sponsored by Shore Thing Media   IVDA is a cloud-based, AI-powered video surveillance technology company that needs to be #1 on your watchlist today I once heard someone define humans as “storytelling animals.” The idea is that stories are central to how we view ourselves and the world around us. I would add that stories […]


*Sponsored by Shore Thing Media   SVRE is Revolutionizing Safety-Technology and  Presenting Traders with an Irresistible Opportunity Today Happy Valentine’s Day ❤️‍🔥 Yesterday morning, I wrote to you about one of my favorite small-cap companies and pointed out one of my favorite trading setups had just triggered. I also said that I thought it was […]


*Sponsored by Lifewater Media   Good morning! Last night, I talked about tech stalling out and what appears to be a rotation into small caps 🌪️.  We are seeing that trend continue this morning as well. You can clearly see that the IWM small-cap index has been on fire lately.  It has been providing a […]


*Sponsored by Lifewater Media   With a $149M Government Contract in its Pocket, Low Float (MDAI) is an AI-Powered Stock that Deserves Your Immediate Attention With the markets in “melt-up mode,” I can’t help but share another timely idea with you today. We all know the “AI” story by now.   Everywhere you turn, you hear […]


*Sponsored by Gold Royalty Corp    With an election only months away, I am certain that the Fed will cut interest rates in the coming months. The market is anticipating that as well, of course, and it is the main driver of the lofty stock prices (mainly for tech stocks) that we see today. Unfortunately, […]


*Sponsored by Sica Media   We have a data-packed market this week. I know you have a busy day ahead of you, so I’ll cut right to the chase. This is an extremely time-sensitive stock to look at right now. If analysts are right — and I think they’re onto something — this idea could […]


*Sponsored by IR Agency   This is going to be a hot week of trading, so let’s get to it! As you are getting started on building your watchlists and doing your research, I wanted to get an urgent idea in front of you to look at today. The ticker I want you to pull […]


*Sponsored by Sica Media   Good morning! I hope you’re gearing up for an exciting weekend — especially those of you with teams still left in the playoffs 🏈. With my beloved Cowboys knocked out 💔, I’m laser-focused on the markets and finding my next big trade. As much as I love football, my true […]