*Sponsored by Sica Media Hey folks, Jeff Bishop here, and I have to say: I love stocks that are hovering around a dollar. They’re my bread and butter when I’m looking for big upward moves on non-options plays. There’s just something magic about that price range… Magic… or is it? It’s not just because I […]


*Sponsored by Sica Media A smart guy once said, “Sometimes the biggest opportunities lie in the places that other investors aren’t looking… but I am!” That smart guy was me, yesterday! While tech stocks and the broader market shed tears of pain on Tuesday, I was watching a very different story unfold with small momentum […]


*Sponsored by IA Media As I mentioned last night, I am generally bullish on the markets for the next few days at least, and I will be keeping a close eye on Arista Networks (ANET), Novo Nordisk (NOVO), and Samsara (IOT) for moves around 5% this week. But, I think we could see a much […]


*Sponsored by Sica Media   Hey Folks, Jeff here again! On Friday, I went live to explain that my viewers weren’t imagining it – this is a difficult time to trade. Earlier in the week, I sent this email out to everyone since I was getting so many questions about betting against stocks right now. […]


*Sponsored by IA Media When expert investors talk about undervalued stocks, they aren’t typically talking about TSLA, AAPL or AMZN… They’re talking about low-priced stocks, trading at an even further significant discount, with potentially unlimited upside potential. And I really love low priced stocks with huge breakout potential. 📈 If I am really being honest, […]


Hey Folks, Jeff Bishop *Sponsored by Lifewater Media My passion for small stocks with explosive upside potential is no secret. While every investor dreams of getting in on the ground floor of the next Google… the next Amazon… (and heck, I’d love to have been there!) I think it’s more realistic to look for companies […]


*Sponsored by Lifewater Media. Please see disclosures below Nutriband Inc. Launches AI Tape Brand Direct-to Consumer Offerings ORLANDO, FL / ACCESSWIRE / July 27, 2023 / Nutriband Inc. (the “Company”) (NASDAQ:NTRB)(NASDAQ:NTRBW), a developer of transdermal pharmaceutical products, today announced the launch of its consumer sports recovery tape brand, Active Intelligence AI Tape (“AI Tape”), with […]


*Sponsored by IA Media. Please see disclosures below If you’ve followed my work for even a week, you know I love a good momentum play. There’s nothing quite as satisfying as seeing a swell in a stock price form, hopping on your board, and taking a ride.🏄 I’m going to get right to the point […]


*Sponsored by IA Media Good morning! As you know, with my “Bright Ideas 💡” I’m always on the lookout for smaller companies with explosive upside potential 💣. If you recall, last week I introduced you to a new gold mining stock (which also happens to be one of the best performing IPOs of the year), […]