*Sponsored by Sica Media. Please see disclosures below I’ve been on a tear lately hunting down lesser-known companies with big upside potential. Over the last couple of weeks, I brought an e-sports stock to your attention a few times that gained over 45% since I first introduced it to you.  Then, on Monday, I alerted […]


Folks… Right now, I’ve got my eyes on the gold sector because it has been such a hot sector over the last week If I had to pinpoint the ONE key company deserving of your attention today… It’s an easy choice:  US GoldMining, Inc. (NASDAQ: USGO) Even a brief glance at the chart reveals that […]


I found one of the top companies in one of the fastest growing sectors. And it’s not at all what you think… *Sponsored by GameSquare, see disclosures below   With all the holiday fun behind us, it’s time to get back to business with my latest 💡Bright Idea for the week! Time is always of […]


After an incredible piece of news, Jeff thinks it is time to take another close look at this past idea… *Sponsored by Sica Media   Hey gang, it’s Jeff Bishop again.   If you recall, I brought up Genprex (Nasdaq: GPNX) as a “💡 Bright Idea” to you several weeks ago.  The stock made a very nice […]


Jeff Bishop here with my latest Bright Idea 💡— *Sponsored by IA Media LLC, see disclosures below Today, I’ve got my eyes on a hot little NYSE oil company that may be looking at major attention from Wall Street: Trio Petroleum Corp (NYSE: TPET) This is a small-cap opportunity that demands your attention, right now. […]


My latest “Bright Idea” is perhaps my most “genius” yet! *Sponsored by Lifewater Media With Netflix hogging the spotlight in the streaming sector right now, you probably missed this Bright Idea hiding out in the NASDAQ small-caps lately: Genius Brands International (NASDAQ: GNUS) Folks, I believe this company is the definition of a “sleeping giant” […]


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SL:  💡 Will lightning strike twice with this week’s Bright Idea? ⚡ Preview:  I am so excited to see this stock setting up again. It was an incredible performer the last time I alerted it, and I have high expectations this week as well. *Sponsored by Lifewater Media. Please see disclosures below. Last time I […]

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